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E-Cell, ADGITM aims to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystem as much as it's possible in order to induce the spirit of entrepreneurship in the student community.

Since our inception we have put all the efforts in organising various events to provide a platform for those who are willing to take a risk and start something of their own.

Through our programs we want to bring great ideas and people interested in making great things together to solve problems which is required for the welfare of the society.

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Campus Ambassador Program

College ambassador is a step taken to connect students of various colleges and give them an opportunity to gain exposure of the startup world. A program that will also help them make valuable contacts for the future.

Internship Opportunities

Members of the program will get a chance to intern in their desired profile at well-established startups.

Free Passes for our events

You will get free access to our various entrepreneurial events happening all year around.

Letter Of Recommendation & Certificates

Deserving one will be provided with Letter of Recommendation for their work.

Goodies and gift vouchers

Various chances to win official goodies and vouchers of your favourite brands.

Training Division


The Training division of E-Cell ADGITM was started in 2017 with a vision to empower the student community with skill sets required to succeed in their respective careers. With regular workshops by renowned trainers and founders of leading startups we are creating a learning culture for everyone. Under this training division we have started different programs to invest in a student's personal as well as professional development since offering development opportunities always lead to more engaged and productive individuals.
Competitive coding, digital marketing, graphic designing, communication skills and a lot more skill sets have been already covered till now and with a specialised and an active team we are continuously researching and adding new skills in our training division that are beneficial for the students.

How to code by Coding Ninjas

A team of highly skilled trainers from Coding Ninjas were brought in our campus to take a session on competitive coding.

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Digital Marketing Session
by Skillcircle

Mr. Shivam Ahuja (Founder of Skillcircle) took an intensive session on digital marketing and taught students about different ways of having passive income through digital marketing.

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"Think Entrepreneur. Bleed Entrepreneur"

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Our Agenda

Our agenda at this brotherhood of hustle is to light the fire of self discovery and entrepreneurship in everyone.
We believe in a simple mantra of honing one’s skills to maximum and implementing them for greater good of society.
We provide following services to candidates interested in our cause.


Work and prosper under the aegis of the best E-cell in Delhi.


Share your dream project with us and see what our experts have to say.


Observe, Adapt and grow in an environment of brain storming.


With an army of efficient engineers discuss cutting edge technologies for your dream project.


Be the part of resume building meets and see what the volatile market desires.

Innovation and support

The most important ingredient of an enterprise, connect yourself to a community of like minded, dedicated people.


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Best E-CELL society of the year

Due to our continuous and diligent efforts to spread the wings of Entrepreneurship in all walks of life,
E-Cell ADGITM has been awarded as the best E-Cell by The Education Tree (2016-17)



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